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Alpha Capital Group

Following completion of our Assesments, Our Partner broker Alpha Capital Group offers qualified traders virtual accounts of up to £2,000,000 for profitable virtual traders who can demonstrate an ability to react to the markets, manage risk and most importantly generate virtual profits.

We provide our virtual traders with a platform that encompasses educational videos, market insights, virtual trading strategies, 1-1 mentoring sessions and custom-built virtual trading technology to assist traders of all levels to develop the skills needed for professional trading.


ACG Markets

ACG Markets plays an important role for Alpha prop through the provision of financial technology, tools and educational material to virtual traders seeking to grow a practical understanding of trading in the financial markets, manage risks and develop the skills needed for professional trading. Importantly ACG Markets provides all post assesment virtual trader relationship, including virtual prop accounts, analyst support and importantly performance fees on virtual accounts!


Alpha Academy

The academy will offer a full suite of educational course, strategies, indicators, EAs, tools to assist virtual traders in growing a practical understanding of the trading the financial markets.

Every virtual trader must start somewhere, therefore we have launched Alpha Academy, to help those who want to get started get on the right path to trading the financial markets. The Alpha Academy is designed to assist in developing the skills needed for professional trading. It is also designed to assist those traders who have been trading for some time, but still struggle with risk management, being profitable or feel an aspect of their trading can be improved upon.

Meet the senior
Management Team

The Brains Behind Our Success. Meet our Dynamic Management Squad

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George Kohler

Managing Director

After graduating university with a degree in banking and finance, George went onto various roles within theinvestment industry. He spent 2 years working for a FTSE listed company specialising in institutional fx, whichconsisted of managing institutions exchange rate risk through placing them in a mixture of spot, forward and option contracts. For the past 2 years, George has traded the financial markets full time, specifically trading major fx pairs/indices and gold, before spotting a gap in the Fast-growing proprietary trading industry. Alpha capital group was founded to be a one stop shop for traders, not only through education and funding, but also leading the way in technology to support traders and mitigate risk. We will implement one of the most advanced account statistics dashboard available on the retail market, and will work closely with our funded traders to ensure they are achieving optimal results from their trading.

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Andrew Blaylock


Andrew is currently certified chartered MCSI with level 6 certificate in private investment advice and management (PCIAM). He has been involved in Equities for 15 years. Spending a number of years working on the small cap desk at Hoodless Brennan before moving to Central markets in 2010 where he spent a further 5 years advising on equities. Following the acquisition of Central Markets, Andrew became a founding director of Clear Capital and currently runs the broking floor.

Along side this he is also a director of Alpha Capital Group overseeing the day to day operations from proprietary trading, risk management and advanced trading education.

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Gerard Mcconnell

Head of Trading Education

On completion of University. Gerard began his career in wealth Management where he spent almost 5 years working in the field of Investment Management & Financial Advisory. After he obtained his Financial Advisor Accreditation, he then advanced himself into the World of Trading. Over the Last, 7 years Gerard has traded full time where he specialises mostly on the Major FX Pairs, Indices, & Treasuries. More recently he has also completed a Master of Science majoring in Finance. Within his trading and investing strategy he utilises advanced technical analysis tools in line with fundamental market analysis.

Gerard is currently the head of trading education at Alpha Capital Group, he currently manages the funded trader programme consisting of education, 1-1 sessions and live market trading accountability.

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